Energy Management Software
for Energy Experts

Energy Management Software for Energy Experts

Collaborative EMS Platform

  • Benchmark your performance with 20.000+ other buildings
  • Get direct access to 200+ energy experts in different countries

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  • Joolia is our Augmented Intelligence for Energy Managers.
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Reduce Energy
Usage & Cost

  • Hardware agnostic: integrates any metering technology, including BMS & IoT
  • Benchmarking inside your network and compare with other players in your sector
  • Systematic Invoice control
  • Energy Price Analysis (Market prices available every day)
  • Contract Management
  • Cost / Use Reporting
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Assess the performance of Energy Saving Actions
  • Load Control, Load Forecasting, Flex management
  • Weather Normalization
  • Online reporting and alarming via eMail & SMS

Value proposition

Boost your result by Saving Energy, Time & Money

Optimise your Energy Sourcing

Don’t miss market opportunities

Pilot your energy

A unique 360° dashboard

Benchmark your performance

Use Big Data to improve efficiency

Manage your Team

Follow local actions & results

Improve your process

Save time by automatic reporting

Save Money

Control invoices automatically


Save time sharing right info

Share your experience

Share data & experience and learn from other experts

7 reasons to choose Jool

in order to save Energy, Time & Money

JOOL is developed and used every day by Energy Experts in different countries and sectors. This unique expertise, combined with millions of data gathered every day have built up a unique source of knowledge that you now can share with us. Automatically manage the metering data, invoices and contracts of all your sites, at once. Access major information directly on your smartphone



JOOL can be connected to any existing data acquisition system: BMS, Internet of Things, Smart Meters, but also supplier’s web portal, weather & market information and, last but not least, your own team by using smartphones as a dedicated communication support (both up and down).



The development team is working daily on your requests to adapt and make JOOL more powerful, flexible and adapted to your exact needs. This is how we remain ahaead of competition since 2002.



More than 200 experts, following 20.000 buildings are using JOOL on a daily base. Share your insights, questions and experience and make the best of this community to achieve Energy Savings.


Big Data

More than 20.000 sites, representing more than 80 million m² are currently available in our database. This is with no doubt one of the most comprehensive Energy database available so far. Join us quickly and let it grow !



Our Experience is recognised by fellow Energy Experts. IPMVP, BREEAM, ISO50001 and many other key elements of Energy Management are embedded in JOOL.



  • Manage site in different countries or continents
  • Using different energy units and currencies
  • Meter readings from different time zones

Global reporting at once!



Dapesco is recognised as a trend-setter in Energy Management. From EMIS 1.0, developed in 2004, to JOOL in 2018, what a great step forward, but with a single target in mind: reduce your energy consumption!

List of

System Administration

Dynamic site management Module
Time Zone Management Module
Dashboard and KPI's

Users creation

Create as many users as you need. Assign them a role (responsibility) and a domain (region, type of building, size, activity…) and you’re gone!

Rights, Roles & Domain Management

Create your own filters in terms of functionnalities (who can do what) and perimeter of application (what building can I manage, for what region, what brand…)

Define your structure

Create as many entities (Site, building, meter, submeter, tenant, production unit…) as you need and organise them using your own properties: size, usage, surface…

Hierarchy management

All the properties used to characterise a site or a meter can be used to create your own hierarchy and structural views: view by region, by brand, by type…

Automated tasks

Like in Microsoft Windows, a task manager helps you to run back-end processings, like heavy reporting, alarming, data validation etc.


The alarms will be generated as soon as the data flows into JOOL. But sending teh corresponding eMail or SMS may be delayed in order to send only one eMail per day or per week, depending from who will receive the info: every day for the local technician, a weekly digest for the regional manager, a monthly summary for the Tech Director.

Report scheduler

Provide daily analysis to your Energy Managers but a summarised monthly report to the Technical director, with only 5 KPI? No problem, JOOL will pre-compute all the requested data to forward only the requested information

Index encoding

Using our App, even your customers can submit a meter reading! No need to access a specific tool, the submitted data will be controled and the user will be automatically warned if the data is not valid.

Automatic Meter Reading

JOOL is fully hardware agnostic. We can connect to most of the existing dtaaloggers and Smart Meters, whoever the manufacturer might be.

BMS connection

JOOL can be connected to most existing BMS solutions on the market: Siemens, Sauter, Trane, Honeywell etc regularly send data to JOOL in a fully transparent way.

Data validation

Whatever the data source might be, a data validation process will make sure that

  • the number of data received is compliant with the type of meter (no gap in the data flow)
  • the values received are in line with the expected measurement

Multi-continent synchronisation

Having sites on different continents using different time zones? JOOL will help you to synchronise the data for the right analysis.

Temperature and degree-day

Hundreds of weather information are collected every day to let you compare energy consumption with local weather. Degree-day and average temperature from the closest official airfield are automatically associated with your Energy Data


Validate the production of Photovoltaic pannels based upon Irradiance (sunlight) values and peer-to-peer comparisons (similar installations in the same region)

Alarming & modelling

Models can be defined to forecast the energy consumption at a given outside temperature. in case of discrepency, an automated alarm will be generated


  • Create your own KPI definition
  • Link them to a visual interface (gauge, profile, pie chart…)
  • Organise your own dashboards
  • Publish them on the Web, on smartphone or eMail then in PDF at once


Organise all the documents linked to

  • meters (contracts and invoices)
  • site (audit reports, legal control…)

and find them quickly using our search engine

Support Extranet platform

Ever dreamed of an Energy Wiki ? JOOL has it for you: get access to more than 200 energy Experts to solve your problems and share your knowledge.


Ressource center

Anonymous benchmarking

Compare data from your own sites with other anonymous ones in the same area/sector. kWh/m², kWh/m³ compressed air, Watt/m² lighting… Create your KPI and let JOOL tel you how good you are.

Shared competences

Are you an expert in a specific field of activity? Propose your service and get paid for it as other users rely on you. Get endorsed  by your own customers and let other people know.

Budget management

JOOL automatically takes the historical consumption, adapt it according to your own statement and applies the new tariff structure for next year. The result gives accurate and easy to update budget forecast.

Tariff optimisation

Specific taxes or subscriptions that can be optimised to reduce your annual energy Invoice ? Let JOOL do it for you.

Contract follow-up

Many contracts to manage? Different suppliers and different validity periods? multiplied by hundreds of sites? Let JOOL organise it all for you.

Procurement Strategy

Already purchasing energy on long term markets as well as spot markets? let JOOL simulate the real value of the open positions according to the latest Market pricing. Alarms can be defined on the market price as well.

Manual invoices encoding

Only a few invoices to be inserted into JOOL for control? let’s do it manually and save time.

Invoices import wizzard

Thousands of invoices to be imported into JOOL? let the import Wizzard help you through the whole process, and save the configuration to automate the next invoice import.

Presence check report

How can you make sure that the imported invoices cover all of your sites and meters? Well, JOOL checks it for you and provide you a visual overview of the (non) existing invoices.

Internal proforma

Any request to get a pro-forma invoice faster than what the supplier can do? JOOL computes such invoices and compares them to the real invoice received, offering 2 advantages:

  • Finance Dept is automatically informed about the real amount to be paid, before the invoice arrives
  • The errors in invoices are automatically detected


Need to split th eincoming invoice into several users (production units, division of the building, specific tenants…)? JOOL does it for you, based upon manual index or Automated Meter Reading.

Benchmark tool

Is the signed contract really as good as you thought? how did you manage, compared to other Energy Managers that purchased a similar volume at the same time? let JOOL really benchmark you, anonymously!

Fixed Level alarm

Nothing is more easy than defining a fixed level (in Power or Energy) and trigger an alarm if that level is reached. Alarms will be sent by eMail or SMS.

Adaptative Levels

Alarms can be defined in a progressive way, based upon exteranl factors such as temperature. If the HVAC system is running due to a very high temperature, the thresholds have to be adapted. Let JOOL do this automatically and get only relevant alarms.

Adapted Reporting

When you are a regional Manager, it makes sense to gather the different alarms of your region prior to sending an eMail. But if you are a local technician, you need to be informed at once. The Alarming reports will be adapted according to your function and profile.

Automated import

Wether you need to import production data on an automated way, or to export Energy Consumption towards other software, JOOL allows you to easily setup such interfaces allowing easy data exchange, in both directions.


Looks like JOOL can do lots of things… in order to support you, our experts remain available by phone, eMail or via our unique WIKI solution describing all the features JOOL can do for you. Print them, share them, like them!


Data Quality

Generate specific reports to monitor the status of the different datalogers and Automated Meters installed in the field. be alarmed in case of non-transmission, or when data seems to be blocked by any abnormal issue.

Data graphic representation

Any kind of graphic representation is available; put data on a map, in charts, create your own energy label… JOOL has virtually no limit.

Analysis toolbox

JOOL integrates a full analysis toolpack allowing users to access expert function for cogeneration, photovoltaics, heatpump…


Benchmark the result of your own buildings with other similar ones; same region, same size? are you progressing well compared to the other ones?

Budget management

Create your own dashboard:

  • budget follow-up
  • energy consumption
  • €/MWh
  • Coverage for the coming months

Tariff optimisation

How can you make sure that the chosen tariff i sthe best according to your real consumption. Let JOOL analyse it for you and let you know if a better combination of Subscribed Power is suitable.

Contracts follow up

Make sure all your supply contracts are under control: when do they finish? How many sites do they cover? What is the biggest supplier?

Procurement simulation

Is the new potential supplier really as interesting as it appears to be? Let JOOL make your simulation for the requested perimeter and the coming period.

Click strategy follow up

How can you simulate a click with the closing prices and see its impact for the coming years on the real tariff you will pay?

JOOL does it for you, at once.

Manual invoices encoding

A single invoice to be imported? A PDF file to be added to an existing meter? no problem, just quickly type in the requested information.

Invoices import

Thousands of invoices to be imported at once? let JOOL do it for you; one single configuration and several files, from different suppliers, can be imported as regular tasks directly into JOOL. Invoice Control 2.0 starts here and now.

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