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Dedicated Energy Manager

Short on resources?

  • Need both to encourage the users of buildings to adopt Rational Use of Energy practices and provide the decision-making bodies with reports based on data spread across the various administrative departments?
  • Want to free up time so that your programme is directly effective on the ground?

Choose your need; Give us your budget !

Big Data Diagnostic

Energy Coach

Energy Intelligence Machine - JooLia

Big Data Diagnostic

Big Data Diagnostic

You need a one shot externe advice ?

Give us a copy of your data you’ll be  surprised to discover what they will tell us !

  • You have a set of historical consumption data and you want to get some advice to improve your actions.  Ask us a PERFORMANCE REPORT
  • You don’t have the data but you need such an analyze to find the origin of an trouble.  Ask us a TEMP MONITOR REPORT

Energy Coach

You need a dedicated Energy Engineer to improve your daily, weekly or monthly supervision ?

Ask us a driven energy manager we will help you to boost your results.

Adapt your level to yours needs; ask a co-sourcing contract, you will give you the support you need :

  • technical exprtise;
  • interim management;
  • Efficiency supervision;
Energy Coach

Energy Intelligence - Welcome JooLia

Let Joolia boost your job !

Joolia is our optimizer coach.

Based on Advanced algorithms and a chat interface, let’s boost your actions.

Proud of your results ?

Interested in an automated experience sharing ?

Allow Joolia post your results !

Energy Intelligence - Welcome JooLia

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