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Media Markt

The client

MediaMarkt is number 1 in Europe in consumer electronic and household appliances for the mass market. Mediamarkt belongs wwith Saturn to the group Media Saturn Holding, a subsidiary of Metro AG. Present in Belgium since 2002 with today 21 stores (15 Mediamarkt – 6 Saturn), Mediamarkt wishes still to open several new stores in Belgium. At the European scale, MediaMarkt accounts for more than 580 stores


Project started in 2011 and deployed over a year. Every new store is connected to the energy platform

Project scope

All of the 23 Belgian and Luxembourg stores are covered by the project

Dapesco services

Dapesco installed quarter hourly metering system for electricity, water and gas in each and every one of the stores. Data are exploited by MediaMarkt thanks to our energy monitoring system. Every new store is connected to the energy platform

Partner program
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