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The client

Igretec (Intermunicipal for the Management and Technical and Economic Study Realization) celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006. More than 260 men and women (whose more than half are high level engineers, architects, technicians) practice about thirty different jobs at the service of public entities, businesses or even citizen.

Since June 2007, as a fully public intermunicipal, and under the juridical status of a cooperative company with limited liability, Igretec groups together 68 Towns and Municipalities, mainly in the Hainaut province


Igretec uses Dapesco’s solution since 2007

Project scope

More than 12,000 buildings are followed today thanks to the EMIS software, put at the disposal of municipalities, police zones, etc… from all over Hainaut province

Dapesco services

All public actors in Hainaut, that-is-to-say a hundred of municipalities and as many CPAS, police zones and other public entities beneficiating from Igretec services to ensure the follow-up of energy consumption and to purchase energy in a strategic manner. More than 12,000 buildings are monitored in this way since 2006 thanks to Dapesco’s tools

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