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The client

The Belgian company DERBIBUM is the European leader in materials for roofs coating allowing to save and produce energy. In its program ‘Making building Smart’ Derbium puts up clearly its will to develop innovative products and services for sustainable construction and renovation. In concrete terms, DERBIGUM wants to offer to building owners smart solutions to save energy, decrease CO2 emmissions, produce green energy from the roof. A wider scope than the traditional tightness membrane for roofs which has made of DERBIGUM a world-wide player.


Deployment in 2008

Project scope

Perwez site in Belgium

Dapesco services

Installation of hardware solutions of data collection on PERWEZ site. Project extension in 2013 with the installation and connection to an energy platform of 7 debitmeters for a precise follow-up of the distribution of 250°C thermic oil.

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