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The client

The group Delhaize is a Belgian international retail store, active in 8 countries. Its main activity is the exploitation of supermarkets in North America (United States), Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece and Rumania) and South-East Asia (Indonesia). It is listed on Euronext Belgium, the BEL20.

The Delhaize group enjoys a sale network (with integrate stores, franchisee and affiliates) of 2,636 stores and employs 136,000 people. The store format is mainly the supermarket, which represents 85% of the whole sale network of Delhaize Group. The 15% remaining are constituted of convenience shops and specialized stores. Outside of food distribution, which represents around 95% of the group’s turnover, the Delhaize Group plays also a part in food wholesaling for certain stores of its sales network and in non-food wholesaling with products such as pets or beauty and care products.


Since 2002, Delhaize is one of the first of Dapesco’s client

Project scope

This project covers all of Belgium

Dapesco services

Dapesco is the consultant for the technical staff.

Our engineers provides:

  • The realization of measurements
  • Request for proposals
  • Selection of service providers
  • Construction site meetings
  • Temporary reception
  • Definitive reception

Of all works related to the electrical renovation of stores

Partner program
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