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CHU Grenoble

The client

A well-established Medical Center in the heart of Alpes, CHU Grenoble or CHUG registers more than 130,000 stays and 580,000 yearly consultations. More than 7,000 medical or regular professionals welcome patients in the departments of Medicine, Surgery, Intensive Care, Emergency, Maternity, Pediatrics,… CHU Grenoble is doted of an important medical research facility and, to build the future, of 10 medical and paramedical schools


The solution deployment was realized in 2013

Project scope

Grenoble, 95 buildings, France

  • The CHUG energy consumption is more than 120,000MWh/year and accounts for more than 30% of the technical direction working budget, that-is-to-say more than 6 million €
  • At first, the objective is to equip the CHU with an easy, intuitive, and open IT tool in order to better know the consumptions (energies, water, and heat), related expenditures and their évolutions.

Dapesco services

Dapesco provides the follow-up of energy and fluids consumptions of 95 buildings that makes up the CHU. Energy data’s are collected and transferred in real time to the software EMIS3 which allow among others for:

  • The implementation of a sustainable development policy, part of the 2011-2015 setting-up project.
  • The optimized management of various fluid (electricity, heat, gas, cald water, ECS,…)

The system has for a goal to:

  • Measure, compare and analyze energy and fluids consumption;
  • Provides ratios with /m2, /DegreeDays, /year, /beds, /meals or /kg of linen for kitchen or laundry;
  • Calculate tariffs optimization;
  • Edit energy qualification;
  • Communicate in a pedagogic manner to raise awareness from medical staff on the CHUG’s environment footprint.
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