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CHR Haute Senne

The client

The Regional Hospital Center form Haute Senne in Soignies is the result of a fusion in 1996 of public and private health center from Soignies and Braine-le-Comte. Located in a region of 75,000 inhabitants, this region combines a residential character with a rural one, while welcoming businesses from the tertiary sector in growing organizations. This institution has also weaved a collaborating network with universities (such as UCL and ULB) as well as other medical centers from the region which guarantees for the patient a stream of care of quality without discontinuity.


Project started in 2010 and still running

Project scope

Several implantations are connected to the energy monitoring platforms. Two extensions are scheduled for end of 2013

Dapesco services

Dapesco has installed quarter hourly metering devices for electricity, water and gaz on each site. The data’s are exploited by the medical center Houte Senne thanks to our energy monitoring software.

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