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Bruxelles Environnement

The client

Brussel Environment – IBGE (Institute for Brussel Environment Management), is the civil service for environment and energy in the Brussel-Capital region. Its missions: study, monitor and manage air, water, ground, waste, noise, nature (green space and biodiversity),… but also deliver environmental permits, control their application, develop and support educational projects about the environment in Brussels’ schools, participate in meetings and negotiations at the Belgian and international levels. Brussel Environment has developed its activities in the green-building field and in the connections between health and environment. Since its creation in 1989, following the regionalization of environmental manners, the skills of Brussel Environment lie in research, mass information and the management of various subjects such as air and water quality, waste treatement, and ground pollution


Project started in 2013 and ending in end of 2014; still under monitoring

Project scope

20 buildings (BATEX) examples of diverse affectations in the Brussels region

Dapesco services

Use of Dapesco’s expertise to implement an energy metering system and an energy consumption follow-up with the software EMS.

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