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The client

Belfius Bank known before the 1st March 2012 under the name of Dexia Bank Belgium is a bank and insurance company. It is an incorporated company whose initial purpose is to meet the needs of local collectivities. It comes from the dismantling of the Dexia Group of which it was a part of until the 10 October 2011. It was purchased by the Belgian state and its head office is located in Belgium. The main activities of Belfius Bank and Insurance are credit granting to the public sector, offering of financial services to private individuals and to companies as well as insurances. The commercial network counts today 798 agencies and employees 1,200 people.


Project started in 2008 with a previous version and updated to EMIS3 in 2013 and Emis 4.0 in 2017

Project scope

The head offices of Belfius in Belgium and its biggest banking agencies

Dapesco services

Emis³ is used not only at financial purposes to verify invoices from energy suppliers but also to follow continuously the consumption of the main buildings and head offices. Befius studies currently the complete instrumentalization of banking agencies in order to follow their daily energy consumption in a dynamic manner

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