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The client

The Auchan group is an international mass-market retailing group belonging to the Family Association Mulliez and among mass and specialized retail market leaders in Europe.

Several figures:

  • 287,000 collaborators in 13 countries
  • 60.2 billion € revenues VAT included from its stores in 2012
  • 1495 hyper- and supermarkets included (with 709 hypermarkets included, 37.3 billion euro turnover).

For each, one must account for 2500 to 22,000 m2 of sale surface, with a flow of 5,000 to 30,000 customers daily


Since 2012, Dapesco’s solution has been chosen to provide the supervision and optimization of energy consumption in the hypermarkets, shopping malls and warehouses in France.

Project scope

125 hypermarkets, 65 shopping malls and 16 warehouses in France.

Dapesco services

Auchan group has entrusted Dapesco with a mission of supervision and optimization of energy consumption from its 125 hypermarkets, 65 shopping malls and 16 warehouses in France. The whole of sites are followed up in real time so to allow for the identification of consumption abnormalities and to ensure energy reporting to the executive management of the group. Dapesco’s solution allows for among others:

  • Supervision and optimization of electricity consumption per usage: HVAC, workshop, lighting, positive cold, negative,…) as well as gas and water consumption
  • To distribute monthly reports to the management teams (control, estimation and organization of invoices in real time)
  • To communicate with technical responsible staff from every site about detected abnormalities and organize with them an energy optimization program
  • To verify energy invoices and electricity supply contract optimization by adjusting pricing and technical options
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