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Aéroport de Lyon

The client

Aéroport Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, 4th French airport, composed of three terminals, welcomes more than 6 million passengers and spreads on more than 2000 ha.


Since 2010, Lyon’s airport is equipped with Dapesco’s solution.

Project scope

Dapesco’s solution allows for the treatment and analysis of more than 210 million of data a year thanks to the presence of more than 4000 meters on site.

Dapesco services

Dapesco provides Aéroport Lyon Saint-Exupéry with its Enerwatch solution for the consumption follow-up of more than 4000 installed meters on the airport’s site. Enerwatch ensures coordination between remote data reading and rental leases, allowing for an automated re-invoicing of energy consumption to all different subtenants within the terminals. A migration of our brand new version “EMIS3” 100% Web will soon be run. This solution of supervision and energy (electricity, water, gaz) optimization provides among other:

  • A deep and structured understanding  of energy invoicing on site
  • A simplified management of most energy supply contracts and invoicing monitoring
  • A multi-means data acquisition
  • To manage a re-invoicing module
  • To follow consumption in real time
  • To detect anomalies
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