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Dapesco introducing JOOL at the Energy Class Factory

28th March 2018

An event devoted to energy optimisation

Taking place in Paris on 5 April 2018, the Energy Class Factory is an event not to be missed for all professionals looking to discover solutions precisely tailored to their energy optimisation issues. Through speed meetings and conferences featuring renowned experts, each participant is able to explore, share and receive personalised recommendations on subjects of particular importance to them. In this spirit, Tanguy Detroz , one of Dapesco’s founders, is taking to the podium to explain how the JOOL platform can unlock real energy savings without the need for major investments, how artificial intelligence can help increase these savings even more, and how mobile solutions boost staff performance and motivation.

Jool: artificial intelligence and energy management

The leading collaborative energy management system Jool now represents the result of over 15 years of experience in multi-site energy monitoring, built upon a total superficy of over 80 million m² and, best of all, a new artificial intelligence algorithm. Thanks to these solid foundations, every Dapesco client, regardless of their area of activity, can evaluate their own performance by comparing it with other firms from their sector, receive notifications when a site’s performance level falls, analyse energy prices, monitor his invoices, access detailed online reports, and more. As well, each of these options can be personalised to meet precise requirements. Given all these functions, it’s easy to see how Jool can slash your energy bill through optimisation of costs and usage.

GreenYellow: an energy optimisation success story

During his presentation at the Energy Class Factory, Tanguy Detroz is showcasing various case studies in order to demonstrate Jool’s efficiency. The main one will focus on GreenYellow, a subsidiary of the Casino group  counting more than 1,000 site spread in no fewer than 13 countries. This group has been entrusting its energy performance monitoring to Dapesco since 2011, most notably by the means of an alert system that flags all performance fluctuations. In addition, Tanguy is presenting JOOL’s new features made possible by recent advances in artificial intelligence and mobility that can generate even more savings by reducing the workload of your teams.


If you’re interested in this event, you can view its dedicated web page  and, if you’d like to find out more about the opportunities for optimising your company’s energy use , feel free to contact us!

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