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Efficiency and Energy Intelligence are our DNA.

What could be a a nightmare for you is a passion for us.

You don’t know how to handle your energy mangement ?


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Dapesco commits

CSR approach


Dapesco is a consultancy that specialises in guiding and advising large organisations about all of the many issues involved with energy management.

Founded in Belgium back in 2002 by Tanguy DETROZ, an engineer specialising in energy, DAPESCO has always worked alongside clients with multiple sites, providing them with guidance in relation to the deregulation of the energy market.

These activities have since been extended to include ways of optimising the use of energy resources. Today we can help provide our clients with a level of financial performance that is competitive within their sector.

To enable it to take on projects for clients with thousands of items of data related to energy, DAPESCO developed an energy management software from the outset, designed by energy specialists for energy specialists.



Today, DAPESCO offers a comprehensive energy management platform that is now in its 5th generation.

The current version of our platform makes it possible to encompass the technical, organisational, financial and environmental aspects of energy simultaneously. It can be accessed on all devices to meet the mobility demands of day-to-day management. It also includes highly effective decision-making aids and communication tools.

DAPESCO has offices in Paris, but its head office is in Belgium, at the Parc Scientifique in Louvain-la-Neuve. It is a building made from solid wood that combines the ideal blend of consumption and its own energy production.

DAPESCO currently employs some twenty staff and has a turnover of around two and a half million euros.


Team & competencies

PM EMS IPMVP Energie Procurement Data scientist






PM EMS IPMVP Energie Procurement IOT AMR





Bus. Archi Back End Front End Mobile SQL Network Telco Security AMR







Energy management is becoming a priority as organizations strive to reduce energy costs, conform to regulatory requirements, and improve their corporate image. Despite the upsurge of interest in energy management standards, a gap persists between energy management literature and current implementation practices. This gap can be traced to the lack of an incremental improvement roadmap. DAPESCO propose an Energy Management Maturity Model that can be used to guide organizations in their energy management implementation efforts to incrementally achieve compliance with energy management standards such as ISO 50001. The proposed maturity model is inspired on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle approach for continual improvement, and covers well-understood fundamental energy management activities common across energy management texts. The completeness of our proposal is then evaluated by establishing an ontology mapping against ISO 50001

Amélioration performance Energétique rejoint l'évolution de l'offre de services extrême


Reporting permanent Duplication des bons résultats

Energy optimisation

Gestion proactive Des achats et des dérivés de consommation

Energy efficiency

Mise en place D'un système de connaissance et de suivi

Data collection, data management & reporting

Audit de départ Etat des lieux et proposition d'une stratégie lt

Initial audit

Dapesco commits

Vision : Together,let’s optimize resources for a world full of energy
Mission : Giving you the tools, knowledge and information you need to perform better in Energy Management



With curiosity and determination we are constantly looking for improved performance



In constant search for improvement, we are pleased to offer new ways of functioning



Efficiency is the only way to give the world a chance to sustainability

Corporate and social responsability

In line with its aim to optimise resources, DAPESCO has decided to implement a world of work that fits its environment.

In addition to its high-performance, energy-efficient building made from solid wood, DAPESCO also has accreditation as a green “Entreprise Nature Admise” under the Walloon Nature Network system.

To gain this accreditation, DAPESCO has introduced

  • A vegetable kitchen garden;
  • A company composting system
  • An orchard of red fruit, apple trees and pear trees
  • A wild flower meadow
  • Sponsorship of a beehive with its partner ALTERAPI
  • Annual programme of fruit-pressing
Corporate and social responsability

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